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Dear Friend Tim

On the occasion of friendships day, I take this opportunity to express the care and love that I have for you and the respect that I have for our friendship. Firstly let me wish you a very happy friendship day from the bottom of my heart. Our friendship is special to me and it one of the most valued relationships of my life. We know each other from 10 long years and feel so proud of the way in which we have managed to come so far with such little effort.

Tim, you have not only been my best friend but also an inspirational and motivational factor in my life. You have been a big brother when I needed support and a buddy when I needed someone to share my secrets. You have taught me to be tough and solid in demanding situations and I have great respect for the patience you have shown when I was in a bad mood. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me through thick and thin dearest friend.

Remember the first time we met in school when you were a little fat boy and I was a studious boy with big spectacles on. Initially I didn’t like you very much but slowly and gradually we developed a deep bond of understanding and maturity which is intact till the present date.

Hope our friendship continues like this forever.


Your best friend

Mathew Andrews

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