Benefits of Email Marketing

By | June 22, 2012


Subject: Benefits of email marketing

Dear Sir,

I am sending you this mail to make you aware of the email marketing tool which has been efficiently used by our rival companies. Nowadays the companies are sending promotional email to the individual mail ids by hiring the services of specialized vendors. You will be surprised to know that the sales of some of the companies have gone up by almost five hundred per cent by applying this effective marketing strategy.

This is the most economical method to advertise by reaching the inbox of millions of potential buyer of the product. On an average the sales of almost all the companies have gone up by almost ten percent simply by promoting their products via the electronic mail. One of the excellent benefits of email marketing is that you can advertise your products to people living across the globe from a single platform which not other forms of advertisement could do. As a result the exports of many companies have grown by almost by two hundred per cent as they get orders from foreign clients.

I would request you to introduce such effective email marketing strategy in our company as soon possible.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Garry Holdings

Marketing Manager (InfoTech Solutions)

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