Baby Announcement Emails


Dear Mr. woo,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Mr. John Woo and Mrs. Alice Woo are now proud parents of a baby girl born on 25th of November 2010. The baby girl was born in North Dakota Government hospital at six in the evening and she weighed two pounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Woo want to share their excitement and happiness with you, so they are organizing a naming ceremony for the baby. The naming ceremony will be held at their residence located at 3456 North Hampshire Road, New York in the state of North Dakota with the postal code 2345 on 10th of December, 2010. I would like to invite you for the naming ceremony to share the excitement with Mr. and Mrs. Woo with your presence.

I would be highly grateful if you can come down for the event, help the parents in suggesting a name for the baby, and bless the child for a bright and healthy future.

With regards,

Jenny Woo.

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