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Subject: Absence from office on account of official visit

Dear All,

This mail is to inform one and all that I will be away from office from 25th May 2012 to 31st May 2012 on account of the business conference that I will be attending in Hampshire. This business conference is of vital importance to our company and I cannot afford to miss it under any circumstance.

In my absence I have officiated my duties to Mr. Gabriel who will be completing all the tasks that I perform routinely. Anyone of you can reach him on mail for any clarification on official matters. I want the activities to function as usual and no delay in the documentation process for any reason. The documents should be processed error free as it is vital for the delivery of final document to the clients. Also ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the documents that are passing between various departments of our office.

In case if there is any emergency regarding the matter it can be escalated to Mr. Sabatin. Please ensure to keep all official discussions and meetings on record. I will review them once I am back from the business conference.

Hoping to have a proper co-operative spirit from all of you.

Yours truly,

Cerri Hunter.

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