Appropriate Sympathy Email


Subject: Sympathy mail on account of loss of money

Dear Jack,

It was really shocking to get the news that you have lost a huge amount of money while you were returning from your business trip. I can understand the terrible losses that you had to go through and writing this mail to convey my sympathies in that regards.

I had tried to contact you on your mobile number day before yesterday but it was unreachable. So I had to call on your wife’s cell phone. She told me that you have gone into depression due to the losses and so you have switched off your phone. I can relate to your losses as I had to go through a similar incident earlier. I am also aware that   the money that you were carrying was the advance payment made by your client. As a result you must be facing huge losses in your business. I understand that it is really tragic but you have to be really careful from now on. You have to make yourself mentally stronger so that you can get back to your business and work hard to compensate for the losses.

I am there to help you.


Ben Stiller

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