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Subject: Appraisal announcement

Dear employees,

With a great pleasure, I am pleased to announce the appraisal of the entire team working for the physics department at our company. I am writing to send you my personal appraisal for completing your projects on time and to appreciate the efforts of each one of you.

I am extremely happy to see the team work of all of you in successfully completing and submitting our company’s biggest project on nuclear transistors. We are granting you this appraisal, considering your leading skills, excellent content summaries, clear ideas and the neatness in the entire submission. The most outstanding feature about the project was its remarkable quality.

As a token of the appraisal, we have thought of a job promotion for you all. We are still in the process to discuss our ideas with the higher members of the company.

I am really grateful to each and every member of your team for outshining your talents and showing your real standards to us. You have proven your abilities and proficiencies in the best possible way. Your appraisal is surely honoured and respected by all the other employees working with us.

I hope you will continue to maintain your excellence in your field of work.

Congratulations on your appraisal!


Greg Charles

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