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Subject: Email to request for an appointment

Respected Mr. Jack,

This is to bring to your notice that I am starting my first business venture and would require some advice in regards to that and thus I am writing this email to request you to give me an appointment so that I can consult you.

After ten years of service I have decided to start a business venture of my own that will give me complete independence. I am planning to start a restaurant business. In order to get everything right I needed proper guidance of an experienced individual. Everyone is aware about your success in the restaurant industry as you have your chain of successful restaurants. I understand that you are very busy person and it would be very difficult for you to take out time from your busy schedule. So, I would request you to try to take out some time from your busy schedule and give me an appointment. I believe that after consulting you I would be able to overcome the hindrances in setting up my business.

I request you again to give me an appointment. I am looking forward to your reply.


Nick Carter

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