Appointment Cancellation Email


Subject: Email for cancellation of appointment

Respected Mr. Tam,

This letter is in regards to the appointment fixed with your organization for a business meeting with our managing director on 4th of June 2012. I regret to inform that we have to cancel the appointment.

You had sent us a letter requesting an appointment of our managing director so that your organization can collaborate with ours for business deals. We also did reply back and confirmed an appointment on 4th of June 2012. I apologize for cancelling the appointment. Actually we had to take this decision due to some business related issues. Our managing director has to leave for abroad on an urgent basis in order to attend an international seminar where he has been invited. This seminar is really important for our organization and thus it is necessary for him to attend it. We also understand that your business proposal is also important.

I would like to apologize again for cancelling the appointment. I hope we can reschedule the appointment in future as soon as our managing director returns. Please let us know a convenient date of next month so that we can reschedule the meeting.


Maggie Duns

Secretary to managing director

Oscar Group of Companies

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