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Subject: Application request email for admission.

Respected Mr. Paul,

This is my application request email. This is in reference to the MBA course that is being offered at your University, University of New York. I am sending you this email in the form of an application to request you to grant me admission at your University.

I am a graduate in Economics from the Texas University. After completing 3 years of my graduation, I have always thought of pursuing my Master’s from an esteemed University like yours. The MBA course that is offered at your University is of great interest to me and I request you to consider me as a deserving student to have my admission in the class room lectures. With this application request email, I request you to kindly send me an application form and the application material that is required at the time of entrance exams. I am really interested to seek admission at your University and I promise to perform well in my academics.

Attached with this email is a cheque of 15 pounds for the application form and the postal charges, as mentioned on the University’s website. I look forward to be a student of MBA course at University of New York. Please respond to my application request email at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you!


Bob Eric

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