Application Progress Email


Subject: Application progress email

Respected Mr. George,

I submitted my job application letter along with some supporting documents such as a resume and award certificates, on 30th August 2012. I submitted the above mentioned documents and the application sheet to apply for the position of Joint Executive at Holy Enterprise Limited. I am sending you this email to know the progress of my application.

I am very interested to work as a joint executive at such an esteemed organisation like yours. The job opening caught my interest and I applied my candidacy for the same. As it was mentioned in your job description, I possess necessary leadership qualities, decisive and managerial skills. Gathering all my skills and talents I applied for the position at your company. Since one week has passed, I am sending this email to you so that I may be updated about the progress and status of my application letter. I wish to know if I am a suitable candidate to hold the position of a joint executive at your company.

I would be glad to resend any documents that you may require to notify me about the progress of my application. For any information, I can be easily contacted at 382839202. I look forward for an early and a favourable response from your side.

Thanking you!


Joe Troy

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