Application Email Format

By | March 29, 2012

Recipient’s Details

Recipient’s Email ID:


This part of the email should mention the name of the job post for which you are applying.

Salutation: Dear Mr. /Mrs.

In this, the last name of the addressee is written with prefixes such as dear, respected etc.

Body of the application email

1st paragraph:  This paragraph includes your reason for writing the letter.  It mentions the job position for which you are applying for and the source from where you got the information regarding this vacancy.

2nd paragraph: This includes your personal details and accomplishments which you can offer to the employer. The content of this paragraph extends to your real examples describing your skills and abilities. You may mention your past experiences and achievements, if any, as well.

Concluding paragraph: This paragraph holds a general note of thanks to an employer for considering you for the job position. You should provide information about the follow-up in this Para.

Complimentary Closure

Sincerely/ Faithfully/ Respectfully

Signature (Sender’s Name)

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