Application Decline Email


Subject: Application decline email

Dear Mr. Henry,

Through this email, we would like to thank you for your interest in Great Enterprises Limited. We really appreciate your efforts and time that you had put in to apply your candidacy for the post of an IT analyst at our organisation.

After a careful consideration and sharp review of your resume,  we are sorry to inform you about the decline of your application. We have carefully studied the resume of more than 20 candidates and have taken this decision. This is in response to the decision that has been put forward by the higher authorities and HR team members of this company. The decline has been confirmed because of the abilities and skills of other applicants that were more qualified and equipped to meet our requirements.

The selection committee at Great Enterprises Limited greatly appreciate your time and interest in applying for the post of an IT analyst. We are sorry to decline your job application. We wish you good luck for your future and hope to work with you in future. We will keep your resume with us, for any future requirements.

Thanks again for your interest in us.


Fred Williams


Selection committee

Great Enterprises Limited

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