Application Confirmation Email


Subject: Attendance application confirmation letter

Respected Mr. Joe,

We are sending you this email in reference to your attendance application, dated 5th September 2012. As per your application, you have requested us to check your attendance for the past one month.   We have had a careful check at your attendance record sheets and writing to confirm you that you were present throughout the month!

We deeply regret the decision of our company to deduct your salary for the marked absence. There were some technical issues because of which you were marked absent in our record books. This email confirms that you have been marked present for all the days and the deduction in your salary would be credited in your next month salary. Through this email, we also confirm you that we have updated the necessary changes in your attendance sheet and have thought of re-evaluating the positions of the HR team for their mistakes and carelessness.

Attached with this email is a document of your attendance sheet. Kindly check it once and let us know if you are satisfied. I am sure that this confirmation letter would have solved your query regarding the discrepancies in attendance. If you have any further query or problems relating to the matter, please let us know. Thank you for your kind cooperation and patience.


Tom Watson

HR manager

ABC Limited.

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