Apology Marketing Email

To: Harry_charles@hotmail.com

Subject: Apology marketing email

Respected Mr. Harry,

I am Darwin Paul, assistant marketing manager from Tribute Agency. I am sending this email with a deep regret for the faulty marketing practices that we had incorporated while marketing your products.

First and foremost, I would like to personally apologise for all the troubles that you have to face because of our laid out marketing plans and strategies. I accept this responsibility for the mistakes that were committed by our agency and we are writing to deliver our sincerest apologies for the same. The reason behind our poor services was some unwanted confusions in the marketing plan amongst the team members of my company. I do understand and acknowledge the drop off sales and profits that you have witnessed because of our carelessness. I apologise deeply for putting you in trouble and laying unwanted marketing strategies for your products.

I deeply apologise for all the troubles. Please give us another chance to serve you and we promise to deliver excellent outputs in raising your sales and profit margins. We assure you that we will plan best marketing strategies to boost your product in the market. Your complaint is valuable to us and we are in a process to review the performance of our staff members.

Sincerest apologies


Darwin Paul

Assistant marketing manager

Tribute Agency

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