Apology Email to Team Leader

To: leo_wills@hotmail.com

Subject: Apology email to team leader

Respected Sir,

I am writing this email to tell you that I am really sorry for the delayed submission of the financial reports. Through this email, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to you and to the team mates for causing unnecessary troubles. I realise that it was highly unprofessional and casual on my part that I could not complete the assigned work on time.

Sir, I know that you are facing troubles because of my unethical and immature behaviour. I have not been performing well since past 2 months and all the other financial team members are facing inconvenience due to my behaviour. I am really very sorry for the delay this time but I assure you that such kind of attitude will not be repeated in future. I have started taking care of the things and the importance of my work and I promise you that I will fulfil the expectations that my job put forwards.

I once again convey my deepest apologies to you and I would be grateful to you if you could pardon me for the one last time.


Ronald David

Sales Executive

ABC Limited.

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