Apology Email to Sister

To: Timmymathews@hotmail.com

Subject: really sorry for what I did

Dear sister Timmy,

To begin with, I wish to tell you that the person who hurts others is more hurt himself as he has to bear with guilt as well. Through this email, I wish to ask for your forgiveness for my mistake and actions and hope that you will read this mail completely. I wanted to meet you or speak to you to apologize, but since you are not picking up my calls, I had to write you this email. I know I was very mean to you when I said the cruel things but there was a reason behind them which you need to understand. I didn’t mean to hurt you or make you upset but I guess the way I said things was extremely wrong.

Timmy, I have always loved you as an elder brother and it is my right to correct you whenever I feel you are doing something wrong. It is due to this reason I decided to talk to you that day but it seems like I ended up hurting you badly. Please forgive me and give me a chance. Hope to see you or talk to you soon.

Your loving brother,

James Mathews

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