Apology Email to Professor

To: Leonardo_caprio@hotmail.com

Respected Sir,

Please except this apology letter on behalf of the entire batch of first year, Psychology students. We would like to sincerely apologize for the chaos that we caused in the last lecture held yesterday.

Sir, we have realised that our acts were totally inexcusable, distracting and childish. The way you left the lecture in disgust made us feel guilty to disrespect such a great professor like you. The holidays that just passed away were singing in our heads and we lost all the morals and etiquettes of behaving in the classroom. We are extremely sorry for such a kind of behaviour. Please pardon us for the first and the last time.

We assure you that we will conduct ourselves like matured students now.  Under your guidance, we promise to come out as a best and a most sincere first year Psychology batch of St. Glory University.

Sorry once again!

Yours faithfully,

Henry Williams

Class Representative,

Psychology batch, 1st year.

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