Apology Email to Mother

To: steffee@gmail.com

Dearest Mom,

I do not know how to put it, the words simply fail me. Still I need to convey my heart felt apology and regret at being unable to show up for your birthday last Friday. I know you have never cut your birthday cake without my blowing out the candles for you. I realize how much you must have missed me. I did the same. I was not there in person but my heart, mind and soul were right next to you. For once I despised desperation in an emergency, though I certainly don’t want to make it worse by adding excuses and justifications. I certainly promise to make it up at Christmas and then we celebrate it with all fun and fervor with you and Dad.

I feel embarrassed and mortified, but I know you are an Angel and will certainly forgive me for my lapse just this once. So be kind enough to absolve me of my guilt and accept my sincere apology.

Love you and miss you always,


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