Apology Email to Manager

To: Franz_hardy@hotmail.com

Respected Sir,

Through this letter I would like to express my deepest apology for the incompletion of my assigned presentation.  I apologize that I could not submit my presentation to you on time, which in turn created problems to our clients.
I completely agree that it was due to lack of professionalism and inadequate skills that made me unsuccessful. I assure you that this kind of inappropriate and irresponsible deeds won’t happen again in future. I truly want your forgiveness this time.

Sir, I promise to complete and submit all my pending project works on time to prove my dedication and proficiency in the work field. In addition, I have taken steps to recover the loss that might have been caused due to my carelessness.

Valuing our professional relationship, I promise to work in a cordial and an amiable environment with you again.

Heartfelt sorry!


Joe Martha


Flowers Company Ltd.

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