Apology Email to Husband

To: robert@aol.com

Dear Robert,

I would like let you know that I have a small world that consists of my happiness and my dear husband Robert Redford. Now, if you are not there my world will become incomplete and if you go away my happiness won’t be there too as your presence in my life is my happiness. This will make my world empty. So my dear husband, I want to apologize to you from the deepest core of my heart.

I realize that it was my mistake for whatever happened yesterday. I forgot that I had switched on the geyser and forgot to turn it off. I am sorry that I blamed you for it. These days I have become very careless and I keep forgetting things. Maybe it is because I love you so much and you are always there in my mind. Please don’t be angry and forgive me.

Loving yours,


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