Apology email to Father

To: peterandrews@yahoo.co.in

Dear Dad,

I can feel sense and even visualize your annoyance and displeasure at my gutless and loathsome behavior. Honestly speaking you left me with no choice. I absolutely feel very sorry for breaking your heart more than your trust. Any amount of apology would fall short for what I have done, but believe me I was left with no choice. I am sorry but not regretful for my action.

Please be kind enough and give me time, to reconsider my action. I love you the most on this earth. You not only have been the best father but almost a doting mother too. But I simply cannot marry a man I loathe. The more I tried to convince you, the more adamant you turned. I therefore had no option but to leave unannounced. Please don’t worry, I am fine and with a friend. It breaks my heart to be distanced from you though. I miss you and respect your concern but, want you to respect my wishes too.

I sincerely apologize for being a coward and fleeing like this and hurting you.

Miss you Dad,


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