Apology Email to Ex Boyfriend

To: om090@hotmail.com

Subject: I am really sorry

Dear Derek,

The purpose of this email is to express my heartfelt apologies to you. I know that my immature and stupid behaviour in front of your friends has made you feel insulted. After coming back home I realised that I should not have reacted in such a rude way. I know that there is nothing between us now, but I should have respected your feelings.

I wanted to tell you that I did not want to hurt you. It was all in the moment that I spoke rubbish and started humiliating you in front of your friends. I had no intentions of hurting you and I am feeling really bad for what I have done. Time has passed by and I should not have discussed the things of our past relationship. I am writing to let you know that I accept my mistake and I will take care of my actions in future. Please do not keep all those things in your heart and pardon me for my mistakes. Once again I am really sorry form the bottom of my heart for what all I said and did.

Please forgive me one last time.

I am sorry once again.



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