Apology Email To Company

To:  JacobGreatfirms@hotmail.com

Dear Mr. Jacob,

We have received a phone call from you on 12th March regarding the delivery of the incorrect bill amount at your company. As per the information received, you got an invoice from us on 10th of March by Mr. Troy Watson.

On investigating the matter with the Financial Department, it appears that a staff member has mistakenly typed a wrong bill amount. I deeply apologise for the inconvenience that has caused to you and your company. We are really sorry for the delay in payments this time. In view of your complaints, the finance manager and the accounting manager is reconsidering the entire staff slot and their trainings so that this does not happen again.

Mr. Jacob, I am really sorry on behalf of the entire team of accounting department.  I hope this letter solves your concerns in some way. You will never get a complaint from us in future.

We will send you your corrected invoice by tomorrow morning positively.


Derek B. Martin

ABC Pvt. Limited.

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