Apology Email to Colleague

To: brian@hotmale.com

Dear Brian,

I would like to say that I am sorry for my unexpected and unethical rude behavior towards you. I would like to apologize for such behavior.

I still remember how you had made feel a part of the team when I had joined the company. You had noticed my discomfort on the first day at office and made me feel comfortable. You have guided me in all steps of my work and helped me improve my performance without a single hesitation that I can be your competitor or that my performance can be better than yours.

I am sorry for what happened yesterday. I was bogged down with work pressure that I did not realize that you were trying to help me. I have realized that it was insulting for you as the whole office was watching. I promise you that this act of mine won’t be repeated again.

-With regards,

Anna Smith.

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