Apology Email to Brother

To: Leo_90@hotmail.com

Dearest brother,

You mean my life to me and I have always respected you the most. I know that you are deeply hurt because of my mistakes. I have realized that I did a blunder by breaking your trust and I am therefore sending you an apology email to say sorry for the same. I am really sorry Leo!

I know that you have always trusted me blindly. In spite of repeatedly telling me not to go to a night party, I did not listen to you and went there. After going to the party I realized that it was not a decent place to go.  I am really very sorry for the same and I promise that I will listen to each and everything that you will say. Please do not be upset with me, I assure you that I will never do any such thing in future that will not hurt you or will land you in pain.

Please give me one last chance and lay your trust on me once again, I am deeply sorry for not listening to you. With this email, I make a promise that I will let you know everything that I will do. I am really sorry.

Your sister,


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