Apology Email to Boss

To: roger@roninvestments.com

Mr. Roger Watson

Ron Investments

General Manager.

Respected Mr. Watson,

I would like to say that I am extremely apologetic about the fact that I could not complete the presentation for the client on time. I want your forgiveness in this regards.

I would like to let you know that my wife has been admitted in the hospital as she has been diagnosed with severe malaria; as a result I had to attend to her needs and got involved with my personal problems. I believe that you understand my situation.

I assure you that this kind of irresponsibility won’t be repeated again and I will complete all project reports in time so that I can prove my efficiency and dedication towards work. You have always motivated us and guided us as a leader and I am ashamed that I had let you down.

I request you to forgive me and I promise to show complete dedication for the company.

-With regards,

Ron Weasel

Asst. Manager.

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  1. tarun sotie says:

    please allow me some more time to prove my abilities as you all knows my skills & relation with my clients so feeling sorry again

  2. afsal says:

    i want write a letter to finance manager regarding petty cash expense finished .then daily work stop for that reason

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