Apology Email for Wrong Order

To: tommy@sherrydesigns.com

Tommy Stephens

Manager Marketing Department

Sherry Designs

Dear Mr. Stephens,

I would like to apologize for our mistake in sending the wrong order. This email is in regards to the order placed by your organization on 15th of December 2010.

You had placed an order with us for the delivery of one thousand pieces of cotton trousers. But, instead of delivering trousers we ended up delivering to you one thousand pieces of cotton shirts. There was a mix up with the order of another client who had placed an order of one thousand cotton shirts.

I understand that you must have suffered business losses due to the mistake committed by us. I assure that we will compensate for your losses with the payment in your next order. I also promise that we won’t commit such mistake and we will make sure you receive the correct order.

With regards,

Sam Henderson,

Manager- sales department,

Bond Manufacturers.

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