Apology Email for Sending Wrong Email

To: David42@hotmail.com

Subject: Apology for sending wrong email

Respected Mr. David

I’m writing this email to apologize for the most unfortunate situation that has occurred due to my mistake. Please accept my most sincere apologies for sending the wrong email to you. Apparently the email was not intended for you and I realized my mistake only after clicking on the sent button.

I was least expecting such an awkward situation which was a result of the high chaos in my working schedule. Though I cannot justify my mistake with such reasons but I’m still hoping that you will understand my situation and ignore the email. The email was intended for another client but was mistakenly sent to you due to my carelessness. The client to whom the mail was supposed to be sent share the same surname as yours and thus while selecting the mail recipient I got confused.

The only good outcome of this unfortunate event was that it has taught me a lesson to review the recipients before it’s sent. Moreover I have also learned to stay more focused while working and avoid such embarrassing situations in the future.

I am once again sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Glutton Moore

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