Apology Email for Not Attending The Interview

To: Gregbrown@yahoo.com

Subject: Apologies for not attending the interview

Respected Mr. Brown,

I, Peter Anderson am writing this email to you with the aim of apologizing for not being able to attend the job interview on 4th May 2013. The job interview was scheduled at 1 pm and was for the post of junior copywriter. I had even confirmed that I shall be attending the interview but due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to reach the venue that day. On my way to the company’s head office, I met with a bike accident and was left unconscious. I had to be taken to the hospital where I was treated for minor injuries and wounds. I am extremely sorry for keeping interviewers waiting and for wasting the valuable time of this prestigious organisation.

I am extremely keen on getting this job as I have admired this company for years and have dreamed of working with you ever since I started my career. I hope that you will understand my problem and give me another chance as I am confident that I shall be an asset for the company and will put in my best as a junior copywriter.

Really sorry and apologetic

Yours sincerely,

Peter Anderson

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