Apology Email for Not Attending Class

To: Rosy_wil@hotmail.com

Subject: Apology email for not attending the class.

Respected Ma’am,

I am sending this email for apologising for not being able to attend your History class on Friday that is on 9th September 2012. I am writing with deepest respect for you and I feel sorry for missing an important lecture of the class.

Through this email I want to extend the reason behind not attending the class on Friday. The day before Friday that is on Thursday, my uncle had a serious road accident. He was off to London with his friends when a truck bumped his car and he was hospitalised with serious injuries. His son lives in UK for higher studies and his wife was alone to handle the situation all by herself. My presence at the hospital was inescapable and that is why I had to miss the class.

I once again apologise for missing such an important class on Friday. I hope that I will gain forgiveness from you after sending you this apology email. I assure you that I will live up to your expectations and complete the missed out topics of the previous class and will take the notes from one of my friends.

Sincerest apologies!


Tommy Dickens

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