Apology Email for Lost Order

To: richard@finlays.com

Mr. Richard Gere

Managing Director

Fin Corporation.

Respected Mr. Gere,

I Brandy Watson would like to apologize on behalf of our organization Star Fisheries for failing to deliver the order placed by your organization. There was an accident in making arrangements for your goods; as a result we could not deliver the order.

You had placed an order for one thousand fishes. Our fishermen had managed to catch enough quantity of fish to meet your order. But, while returning a small misfortune happened. There was a thunderstorm and heavy rainfall. As a result the fish got rotten and we could not manage to deliver your order.

I promise that this won’t be repeated in future. We will always meet your order as we have done earlier. It is my sincere request to forgive us for this failure. It will be an honor for us if you continue to maintain business relationship with us.

Thanking you,

With regards

Mr. Brandy Watson,

Manager- sales department.

Star Fisheries

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