Apology Email for Delay

To: John28@hotmail.com

Subject: Apology email for delay

Respected Mr. John,

I am writing this mail on behalf of my team to inform about the delay in the job that has been allotted. We understand that the work was of utmost importance to you and any delay would lead to unpleasant situation. But we are sorry for the inconvenience and delay in your work.

We ran into a lot of trouble due to the power failure that ultimately led to the delay in the important tasks that we intended to finish by the deadline. We accept our flaw of mismanaging our time schedule and prioritizing other matters over your job.

However in the future, we promise to exercise better management of time and human resource to finish all the tasks and adhere strictly by the deadline. We also ensure to make an effort to deal with unforeseen situations by keeping you well informed about the status of our work.

Any suggestions from your side are highly welcome! We will appreciate your indulgence and are ready to learn from professionals on how can we be more punctual. You can reach us at 94500-5600. We are once again very sorry for the delay.


Taylor Smith

Team leader

Content writing India.

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