Announcement Email For New Manager

An announcement email for new manager is an email which a person writes to make an announcement about the recruitment of a new manager in a company or a workplace. The email is generally sent by a person or high authority of a company to make the announcement to the other employees or workplace members. The announcement email must give the name of the manager and the exact position which he/she will be taken up. The date and time of joining the firm must also be given.

Sample announcement email for new manager:



Subject: announcement email for new marketing manager

Dear staff members,

I, Peter Markson, the vice president of this company am writing this email to you all to make an announcement regarding the appointment of a new marketing manager in this company. We have appointed Mr. Bill Brown at this position and he will be joining the office from 10th May onwards.

As you know, the position for marketing manager in this company was vacant for about 1 month and we had been looking for a suitable candidate. We are lucky to have found Mr. Brown for this post because he possesses good amount of experience, exceptional educational qualifications and excellent skills. We are sure that he is the suitable person to help this company in its marketing related tasks.  I expect you all to welcome Mr. Brown sincerely and respectfully and make him feel at home.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Peter Markson

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