Announcement Email For Employee Leaving

An announcement email for employee leaving is an email which is written by a higher authority of a company or a workplace to make an announcement regarding the fact that an employee is leaving the company. The mail is sent to the other staff members of the company to inform them and should be written in a formal tone. A sample of an announcement email for employee leaving is given below for the reference of one and all.

Sample announcement email for employee leaving:



Subject: announcement email for employee leaving

Dear staff members,

I, Jessica Adams, the Office manager of this company am writing this mail to you to inform you about the departing of our senior accountant Mr. Henry Lewis from this company. Mr. Lewis gave his 7 years to this company and has been a great asset for us.

Mr. Lewis is leaving this company because he is leaving the country to join his relatives in London.  Most of you must have met him and must be aware of the fact that he is a very dedicated employee of this company and has always given his 100% to the welfare of the company.  We are planning a small farewell party for him and I request you all to attend it on 8th July 2014 at 5 pm in the main conference hall. Let’s make the last memories of Mr. Lewis happy in this company.

Yours sincerely

Jessica Adams

Office manager

ABC Limited

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