Accept Apology Email

By | March 29, 2012


Dear Susie,

I have received your apology letter on 14th of March, four days after my scheduled birthday party. I was in a great shock and anger when I could not find you on 10th March!

Before my grandma handed over your apology letter to me I was in a mood to drop my conversations with you. I have never thought that I would celebrate my birthday without my best friend, Susie. But now I do understand the reason behind your absence. I comprehended from your letter that it was not your mistake if your flight got delayed for 4hours.

Dear, I know you since a long time. I missed you on my party very much but it is fine because nothing could be done that time. I expect you to mark your presence on my next birthday positively and celebrate our special moments that time.

I look forward to see you soon.

With Love,

Martha Joe

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